Black Plastic Knobs

$6.50 - $7.50
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These basic, black plastic knobs fit our pre-wired harnesses. We don't include knobs with our harnesses because we found that when we do, there is a lot of waste. Our philosophy has always been anti-waste. Most installations use some special knobs - either for a particular appearance or performance. Most players, instrument builders, and techs have preferences.
The Ring Knobs fit the 8mm notched bottom shaft of stack pots, like stack treble over bass or neck volume over bridge volume.
The Center Knobs fit the 6mm spline shafts of all of the pots we use and offer. They work well with the Ring Knobs for stack pots. They also work well for single pots for volume, blend, passive tone, treble, mid, and bass. They have a good, snug fit so they work well with push-pull pots as well.