25K Premium Reverse Audio Pot - 25K-30C-KP (for Left-Handed)

$9.50 - $90.00

25K Premium Reverse Audio Pot for use as an active volume or "passive" tone with an active system in a left-handed instrument.

30% Reverse Audio Taper (30C) is ideal for volume and tone in left-handed active systems. It is a little more linear than a standard 15A taper which works better because the active system is voltage controlled. Passive systems are current limited. With an active system, a tone pot can act as a passive filter. Use a higher value tone capacitor (2-10x) than you would with a passive system.

Standard 19mm "mini" body

6mm Spline Shaft is the most flexible type because can be used with a push-on plastic knob or with a sleeve with knobs for 1/4" solid shaft.