Pre-Wired 250K Premium Blend Pot - 250K-ACX-KP

$15.20 - $140.00

250K Premium Pot, AC Blend Taper, Center Detent, 19mm Body, 6mm Spline Shaft (Passive Blend)

5% Audio Taper (5A) and Reverse Audio Taper (5C) is ideal for Passive Blend. It provides some isolation of each pickup from the other and keeps the volume more constant through the rotation. It has a detent at center so you can feel when the pickups are mixed evenly.

This pot is pre-wired for output and ground.

Standard 19mm "mini" body

6mm Spline Shaft is the most flexible type because can be used with a push-on plastic knob or with a sleeve with knobs for 1/4" solid shaft.